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Top 3 fun things to do with kids in Marathon Key

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

If you are renting a vacation home in Marathon Key, you may want to know about things to do with kids while you are visiting. We have two kids, age 12 and 9. So we wanted to share these activities that are our kid's favorite.

Aquarium Encounters

This is by far the top entertainment option for our kids. The Aquarium in Marathon offers swimming with Sharks, Stingrays and many colorful reef fish while you are feeding them in the water. Don't worry, although you can hand feed reef fish, there is a glass wall between you and the sharks or dangerous residents of the waters.

There are several different tanks to visit and explore a vast variety of sea creatures. Barracudas, Tarpons, Parrot Fish, Amber Jacks and many other species are here to explore with your kids.

Do not forget to bring your towel and swim suits. Your kids will be nagging you otherwise. For the main encounters, they provide wet suits, snorkels and they even take under water pictures for you.

Marathon Reef

If you have access to a boat, you can take your kids to the Sombrero Reef which is 1-25 minutes boat ride from Sombrero Beach.

You can tie your boat to one of the provided floaties around the Sombrero Light and explore the under water beauty of the natural reef. Tons of sea life to see here. Yellow tails, stingrays, nurse sharks and more. Fishing is not allowed in this protected section of the reef so you can get to enjoy diving or snorkeling. You can bring your favorite sandwiches and let your kids swim in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic.

Our kids love Marathon Reef and it is definitely worth to spend the day or an afternoon at this site.

Swim day at the sandbar

If you enjoy your feet touching the ground, rather than snorkeling the reef, you can try the sandbar at Vaca Cut. This is a shallow sandbar which get down to 2 feet of water, is a great place to anchor your boat and enjoy a great day in the water.

When the Atlantic is calm, this sandbar is our go-t0 place for the day. We usually picnic on the boat while kids are splashing in the water. It is always great to socialize with many families around you while they are also anchored in the same area.

Do not forget to bring your sun screens and drinks with you.

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